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Providing holistic, science-driven,

martial arts training to the developmental

disabilities community.

"We become who we believe we can be.
We achieve what we believe we can accomplish."

Martial Art Miracles Inc. was created to provide children with developmental disabilities the opportunity to improve their quality of life, by exposing them to the principles, training and discipline uniquely found in the martial arts.

We accomplish this goal by tailoring our instruction to meet the specific needs of the developmental disabilities community, a community considerably more diverse and challenging than the traditional martial arts audience. Special needs children face a myriad of sensory challenges that must be understood and addressed if progress is to be made. Moreover, knowing how best to reach a student requires blending both art and science, along with an in-depth exploration of all teaching modalities. We at Martial Art Miracles are well-versed in ascertaining the most effective way to help students achieve and surpass their goals.

All activities and operations within our organization are performed by a dedicated cadre of well-qualified individuals. Our diverse volunteers have broad ties to the community, and therefore the ability to directly connect with our target audience. In addition, our board of directors is comprised of caring, well-trained professionals that passionately embrace and personally support our mission, dedicating their time and resources to ensure the highest quality programs and services.

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