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Need For Our Programs

There is an unfortunate perception that martial arts training is too structured, and therefore not suitable for children with developmental disabilities. Consequently, many parents and educators are reluctant to pursue such training for those regarding whom they are responsible. We at Martial Art Miracles wholeheartedly disagree with this premise; our track record of success and extensive parent and educator testimonials clearly support the position that properly designed, holistic martial art training is an incredibly powerful tool in helping special needs children live fuller, more productive and more enjoyable lives.

While each child is unique and will respond differently to the training, the evidence is clear that providing systematic, science-driven instruction will yield appreciable results. What is most notable is that just like within the general martial arts community, special needs children develop as much cognitively (discipline, focus, self-control, and self-confidence) as they do physically (balance, coordination, strength and flexibility). In short, the paradigm is the same regardless of the community. The benefits of martial arts training accrue to all participants, albeit to each according to their respective limitations. This revelation is the very essence and reason that Martial Art Miracles exists – to share our knowledge and experience so that all within the developmental disabilities community will benefit in perpetuity. 

Our Solutions

All Martial Art Miracle classes – group or private – are designed to accommodate the unique needs of children with developmental disabilities. Our primary format consists of 40-minute classes of 8 to 10 developmentally disabled students. Each class will consist of traditional martial art components including meditation, stretching, warm-up exercises, coordination and strength training, and drills. Children of similar disabilities will be grouped together so that we can most effectively accommodate overlapping needs.

As a progressive program, students will have the opportunity to advance through classes and receive achievement awards, trophies, and plaques. They will be regularly recognized for their participation as we value and reward both input (effort) as well as output. Colored belts and uniforms will not be offered, but instead, students will be issued comfortable, tagless class t-shirts.

All staff will undergo a thorough background investigation to ensure that they are appropriate and qualified to work with children. As our curriculum is already established, we target instructors credentialed in special needs education, more so than those formally trained in martial arts; we teach our instructors the fundamentals needed to perform in this capacity.

To help the largest number of students, we seek committed donors to provide the funds needed for successful operation. Donations received will be utilized to: